If you can't find an answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us :

You've got ideas, suggestions to improve our apps, you're welcome to send us an email :

If you encounter a bug, please leave a message at and we'll update the app as soon as possible!

Are you planning to add other languages to your apps?

For now, our apps are available in french, english and spanish.
We will add other languages in the future.

I can't hear any sound. Can you help me?

First check that the sound command is on: have a look at the switch on the side of your appliance.
Then check the volume, your child may have accidentally touched these buttons.

Do you have Android versions for your apps?

Our apps are available on Appstore and Fantastic Dinosaurs 2 is also available on Google Play.

Are you going to create other apps?

Yes, we are. We are continuously working to find new ideas.
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be informed when we'll launch new apps and receive special offers.

How can I change the language of the application?

The Settings button allows you to switch language.

How can I switch off the music or the sounds in your app?

The button "settings" will allow you to disactivate the music or the voice that reads the names of the dinosaurs.

My application does not work anymore after having updated it. What can I do ?

You just have to delete the application and then reinstall it completely. It will then work perfectly. This bug comes from the appstore and not from our application.

Are there advertisements or in-apps purchases in your applications?

No, there aren’t. So your children can use them without any risk. We carefully comply to our Quality Charter.

My children don't let me use my Ipad. What can I do?

If that's Oreakids' fault, we are sincerely sorry. But be aware that you're not the only one!