Fantastiques dinoaures iphone Ipad

About us

Oreakids designs innnovative apps for smartphones and touchpads which are both entertaining and educational.

Oreakids is the eductational and youth department of the web agency Orealys, and has 15 year’s experience in multimedia. Oreakids is located in the south of France, in Toulouse.

We are committed to a Quality Charter for every app we create


We always name our team, who help to create our apps in one way or another.


There are no advertisements in our apps.


There are no in-apps purchases in our apps.


Any external link can be disactivated in the settings.


There is no data collection in our apps. You can use them in Airplane mode (without wave emissions), and thus without an Internet connexion.


We regularly update our apps. If you have any problem, don't hesitate to contact us.


Our team

Oreakids comprises various personalities and skills and is built around a common passion

  • AntoineDesigner 2D/3D
  • BastienDeveloper
  • ThibautAssociate & Developer
  • CélineMarketing
  • OlivierAssociate & Designer
  • FabriceDesigner

Our chief testers

Satine, 8 years old

Expert in scooters, bikes and rollers. Knows the song "vamos a la play" by heart and loves Michael Jackson. Casts a fresh eye on our apps. Loves to dress up as a princess, or a pirate, or both at the same time..

Madden, 7 years old

Expert in motor-driven machines, Madden is stronger than « Wiska Wôrker » (Luke Skywalker) and Avatar brought together. For Madden, apps must be moving, otherwise they're just useless. Likes to dress up as "pistoman" (Spiderman) and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Elena, 8 years old

Expert in collages and digital pizza making. Dances like Shakira and Beyoncé. Devours books and likes to dress up as Zorro. For Elena, apps must be magical!